Our Story

HighPerformanceLEDOnline was founded on the basis that we would offer only the best and highest performing LED Products available. But then you might ask why should anyone care? Well we come from a boating background and as with any outdoor adventure we do need our tools and need of a good flashlight is no exception. Well, I always had several flashlights on board but they always seemed to be worthless just when I needed one. I even tried using my big old rechargeable spot light but after only a couple of minutes it would simple turn yellow (I later learned this was from overheating). I vowed to myself this should not be and therefore created this site as a help to others so at least a few would have the right tools!

Who would have ever thought just a few short years ago it might be a confusing effort just to go out and buy a flashlight! After all, flashlights have been around for over a century and to buy one was simply a matter of going to the store and taking what was there and making sure it had big enough batteries and enough of them to make the kind of light we were interested in. Or maybe, it was a simple matter of just selecting the cheapest thing on the shelf. Oh how simple life was!

But now they throw in this thing called LED (Light Emitting Diode) and since we are now more concerned about being ecologically correct and of course we want something better and yes, maybe brighter. We may have been told these LED flashlights take less power (save on batteries) and that the LED’s themselves will outlast the bulbs we seem to forever be replacing. But what to buy? We will be writing in more detail about that very subject a little later, but for now perhaps we have taken a little of the guesswork out of this.

Our website is based on honesty, trust and integrity which means nothing will be shown unless we can be enthusiastic about the product and would use it ourselves. If those criteria are not met it does not get included in anything we are associated with. We tell you upfront what the product is good for and the specs with respect to how it will perform. The bottom line is simple, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to select the right LED flashlight for the purpose you have in mind. We hate to be a little cynical, but if a competitor fails to provide you this kind of information wouldn’t you begin to wonder why not?

We hope you find just the right LED Flashlight on our website and thank you for visiting our site.